‘Being loved and being kept safe go to the very core of the Church’s ministry to children and vulnerable adults.’
(Safeguarding with Confidence – The Cumberlege Commission Report 2007)
We are here to help.

The Diocese of Plymouth’s Safeguarding Team is available on:
01364 645430 or by email on:

You can register to access free online EDUCARE Safeguarding training by emailing with your name, parish/religious congregation and role e.g. parish priest, catechist or parent.

The Diocesan Safeguarding Office supports the ministry of the Church by providing a professional and robust support around the protection of children and adults in need of protection to ensure that worshipping communities are safe places where all have a positive experience of the Church in which they feel loved, accepted and safe.

The Diocese’s dedicated team of safeguarding professionals work closely with other agencies both locally and nationally including the Police, Probation, Social Services and to standards that are set out by the National Catholic Safeguarding Commission.
The Safeguarding Office and its staff treat all individuals with dignity and respect and all issues dealt with are managed in a sensitive and caring manner, all contact with the Safeguarding Office is dealt with in the strictest confidence.

The work of the Safeguarding Office is subject to scrutiny by the Independent Safeguarding Commission who provide and independent oversight and, where appropriate, advice and guidance on the management of individual cases and the strategic direction of safeguarding in the Diocese.
Should you have any concerns around safeguarding within your Church or the Church overall then you should contact the Safeguarding Office at St. Boniface House, Ashburton. If, however, the matter requires an immediate response then contact should be made directly with the Police or Social Services

Police Emergency – 999
Police Non Emergency Number – 101

Safeguarding Contacts
Safeguarding Coordinator
Mr. Robert Brown
01364 645431

Safeguarding Caseworker
Ms. Annette Moody-Burkinshaw
01364 645432

Safeguarding Caseworker
Mr. Robert Kingdon
01364 645434